Cloverlone Broodmare Farm

Cloverlone Broodmare Farm

Cloverlone welcomes the coming breeding season with great hopes of good weather, fields of plenty and cooperative stallions and mares. On our farm at Chilly Bleak, Dr. William B. Ley DVM, MS DACT manages all breeding from freezing semen, embryo transfer, AI with shipped or frozen semen and foaling.

Cloverlone breeds Holsteiner and spotted Holsteiner sport horses for the American rider. We understand the opportunity riders have to view 100 horses/day in Europe. We have carefully chosen German Holsteiner bloodlines that will suit the needs of our riders, focusing on the junior and amateur. Though we can not show you 100 horses, we can show you a horse that will be devoted to a relationship and give 110%. No tricks, no quick training fixes. Just honest, willing and talented horses.

Bloodlines include: R-Saluut II, Contender, Corleone, Locksley Spotlight, Fasolt, Quidam de Revell, Caretino, Cassini II and more.



Windsor's Qui Dandy v. Quidam de Revell - Cassini II -- Caretino, stam 890. More information >>


Berolina v. Broadway boogie-woogie - B-Cinderella v. Corleone - Romanow -- Colombo, stamm 5585. More information >>


Captain America v. Broadway boogie-woogie - B-Cinderella v. Corleone stamm 5585 has only 4% appaloosa blood. More information >>